1500W 110V/220V 1500Wh Portable Power Station For Home Car Refrigerator Drone Laptops

Name Portable Power Station/Backup Power Supply
Model VP1500
Total energy: 1500Wh
Battery type: Lifepo4 Battery
AC OUTPUT 110V/220V 1500W
USB: 3*18W
Cigarette lighter 12V/10A
Type C 3*100W
Connector XT60:12V/10A
Charging Output: 12V/10A
Size: 368*200*200mm
Weight 13.5Kg
INPUT/Charging: Support AC charging; Support MPPT Charging

1.Power your outdoors: a reliable and powerful portable power station for camping, hunting or fishing trips. No maintenance required. No gas. No residue.

2.Outdoor Recreation Solar Generator
Take the lightweight generator with you on camping, travel, cottage trips, off-road, excursions, or anywhere you might need power. Be the life of the party at the backyard barbecue or tailgate

3.Home Backup Power Supply
When you need power in an emergency or during a power outage, This portable power station can be your reliable backup power supply for lighting, phones, laptops, CPAP machines, radios, etc. You can also use it to recharge your batteries in flashlights and other devices without fear of being left in the dark.

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